[vcf-midatlantic] TEI MCS-CPU 8080 CPU Board

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Thu Jun 2 10:48:45 EDT 2016

Bill Degnan wrote:

> I wonder if this is the board Roger Amidon wrote the Apple Monitor for?

No, he wrote it for the MITS Altair he bought. Roger said so, in a panel 
at VCF-East some years ago. You may be confusing "TDL" with "TEI".

For TEI docs, I only have docs for the mainframe.

Jonathan AKA System Glitch wrote:

> I noticed that the layout of the basic CPU function (excluding the add-ons)
 > is *very* similar to the IMSAI MPU-A.

Your Web page is a good examination. It notes even board-trace 
similarities. It's likely TEI copied the IMSAI and then added their own 
features. Lots of copying went on in the S-100 era, down to replicating 
boards completely. If it's that similar, then producing a schematic may 
be a matter of verifying the board with ohmmeter following (and 
correcting) the MPU-A schematic.


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