[vcf-midatlantic] Looking for Compaq DeskPro/386 parts

Richard Cini rich.cini at verizon.net
Sat Jun 4 13:50:31 EDT 2016

All –


                This old Compaq DeskPro I dug-out is working great at this point, and I located a second Type 17 MPI/CDC hard drive. However, I am looking for a few random parts for it. If anyone has the following that they’re willing to part with, please contact me off-list:


·         Drive power cable (5-pin black on the mobo side and regular 4-pin drive on the other; gray wire). Right now I’m using a power splitter which works fine. Just looking for OEM cable.

·         Drive mounting slides (2). These are solid metal, maybe 3/16” thick and have holes drilled for both the drive and the cage. None of the slides I have are thick enough. 

·         Keyboard and/or cable. The cable on mine is shot and the SPACE bar doesn’t work. I’m using a regular AT keyboard, which of course works fine.


The mounting slides is the most important right now because I can’t find a way to secure the drive properly.


I also located a generic ‘286 motherboard for my rusty non-booting AT. Got it cheap, so it was worth buying it for testing versus the original AT board. Hopefully between the two machines I’ll be able to get a Windows 1 demo working.






Rich Cini



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