[vcf-midatlantic] pickup in DC?

VAXman at tmesis.org VAXman at tmesis.org
Mon Jun 6 19:51:04 EDT 2016

Dave McGuire via vcf-midatlantic writes: 

>  Hey folks.  Awhile back I needed some help getting a vintage
>oscilloscope retrieved from Oklahoma.  I'm pleased to report that, with
>the help of a friend, it has been retrieved.  Now that friend is
>traveling in Washington DC, and he brought it with him.  Is there anyone
>in or near DC who might be able to meet up with him downtown and grab
>it?  I'll be in DC again in 2-3 weeks and can pick it up at that time. 
>               Thanks,                -Dave 

Great to see it's advanced east so quickly.

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