[vcf-midatlantic] "floppy drive pot luck" at the June workshop?

Steven Michelsen stevenm at optonline.net
Fri Jun 10 15:18:13 EDT 2016

I am planning to come to the June workshop this weekend, in the hopes that
someone can help me diagnose my smokin' hot (literally) Eagle PC.  


I found a seller on ebay who is local to me, that just sold a lot of 5.25"
floppy drives for $7 each.  He has 13 more of them that he was planning to
put up for auction.   He says that they were all pulled from PCs on their
way to recycling, and they have not been tested.  They are all half-height
drives.  He is willing to sell me the pile for $6 each.


I will pick up the other 13 drives if enough folks who will be at the event
this weekend are willing to put up $6 each for one or more of them.   I will
keep a few myself; there will be about 10 up for grabs.  Who's in?   The
seller has given me a day to gauge your interest in this stuff.  


If this email violates some sort of "no commerce" mandate, I apologize.  I
am not looking to make anything on all this; just looking to share what
seems like a good deal.  



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