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> Remember last week we discussed books about robots in the HOPE thread?
> Both books arrived today. One of them, "How to design & build your own
> custom robot" by David Heiserman, is very deep -- heavy reading. The other,
> "How to build a computer-controlled robot" by Tod Loofbourrow, contains a
> reasonable project that we as a group can build (but not in time for HOPE
> unless we really bust ass.)
> In the preface of Loofbourrow's book, he wrote: "I want to thank the
> members of the Amateur Computer Group of New Jersey, whose suggestions have
> helped make Mike (that's what he calls the robot -EK) what he is today."
> Googled the author. He went on to a nice career in robotics. I sent him an
> intro tweet via our official VCFed account. Apparently he lives in the
> Boston area. Maybe we can get him down to the museum for a talk one day.

​I dug out some more stuff last wknd
​One is the SVI-2000 Robot arm I mentioned that was interfaced to the C64
And one of the motors I used to build my robot from the 70s in Tod
Loofbourrow's book
I don't know which storage box the other 2 motors might be sitting in yet
But you can see from the pic, it's big enough break your toe - or your
skull :)
There are powerful enough to carry me,  but before when I was skinny
but I can ship this too if you'd like in time for Hope and Maker Faire,
This was found at Herbach & Rademan, a very popular surplus supplier
they were located in Philly back then, and it's still around to this date,
they moved to Morristown
I already have a box for the robot arm and there's room left, with plenty
of foam
The robot arm will include a prototype interface so Jeff can run it on his
I'll just pick it up later when I visit again.

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