[vcf-midatlantic] Various Computers for sale...

Al Hartman alhartman6 at verizon.net
Mon Jun 13 13:38:40 EDT 2016

I have a TRS-80 Model I with an Expansion Interface and a monitor. It has a 
doubler, and an RS-232 card (I think.)

I also have a dual drive system to include with it.

The monitor is a little dim, and could use some service from someone 

The keyboard unit has an intermittent problem where it will display garbage 
on boot up. Usually tapping on the unit will fix it. There’s probably a cold 
solder joint inside the unit. I had replaced a RAM chip when I got it.

I need to sell it due to health issues.

Asking $450.00 for the unit.

I can make copies of DOS disks for it if needed.


I have a Model III with 48k and one disk drive (the other one was broken). 
We replaced the bad disk controller cable and bad RAM chips. It needs a new 

Make me a decent offer.


I have a Black Macbook, with the following specs:

- Intel Core 2 Duo 2.2 ghz
- 4gb RAM
- 160gb RAM
- 13.3 Screen
- Super Drive
- Magsafe Adapter with Power Cable and Power Plug

I have wiped and reloaded the unit and updated to MacOS X 10.7.5. It has
had the battery and top case replaced by the Apple store, but there is a
minor chip in the case on the right side on the top corner of the bottom
case. Due to it’s age, it is sold AS-IS with no warranty. The battery has
good life in it (forgot run time), but it has sat on a shelf unused for
awhile since the battery was replaced.

Asking $150.00


Intel Core 2 Duo iMac (Early 2006 - White)

- 2.0 ghz Processor
- 3gb RAM
- 160hb HDD
- 8x DL Super Drive
- Airport Wireless
- Wired Keyboard and Mouse
- Apple Remote
- I have wiped and reloaded the unit and updated to MacOS X 10.7.5.
- AC Power Cord

Asking: $150.00


I have an iMac G4, but I don't remember the specs. I think it has 384k of 
RAM, but might be more. I think it's a 700mhz unit. I have a keyboard, mouse 
and Power Cable for it. I think it has MacOS X 10.5 on it.

Asking $100.00

I have been very sick and in and out of the hospital. Medical bills are 
piling up, and I may need to go into a nursing home. So, I'm starting to 
sell off my collection. I will consider good offers, but please be kind.

Local pickup in Keansburg, NJ.

-[ Al Hartman ]- 

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