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> What model TTY do you have? If it is a 28, I know a former TTY /
> Western-Electric engineer who works on those and restores them to life. He
> restored my TTYs and might be willing to travel if asked nicely.
> I have three 28 units in my own collection all running on a three way loop
> with a tube based FSK generator/reader. (The 28 series was the
> flash-Cadillac of the TTY world.)
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> Joe
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I believe it's discussed in more detail in the video, but the 1532 =
Teletype model 35.  The teletypes need lubrication and standard maintenance
but otherwise they are in nice shape and should be able to restore.  We
also have boxes of parts.  I checked out all of the 1532's on site.  Some
are even nicer than the one we have in the museum.



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