[vcf-midatlantic] Maybe someone can help this guy and make a few bucks

Christian Liendo cliendo at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 14:20:30 EDT 2016


Wanted: To rent a Tandy 1000RL computer (for data recovery) - $50 hide
this posting

I have an old Tandy 1000RL computer where I would like to recover the
data from the hard disk and put it on a modern system. The problem is,
the floppy drive is broken (Teac FD235F-105U), and it seems this exact
model is hard to get (Tandy powered the drive via the ribbon cable,
which most drives don't use).

I've exhausted a lot of options, and now I basically am just wanting
to "rent" somebodies Tandy 1000RL computer (Or I can come over and use
yours) so that I can transfer the hard disk into your computer and
then use yours to copy the data to floppy disks of my own to take
home. I can travel to anywhere in the bay area for this. This is just
a one-time operation. While the data is copying, I could maybe buy you
a few beers or lunch or something and provide good conversation.

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