[vcf-midatlantic] free printers - Dec Letterwriter 100 and HP Laserjet 4Pm

william degnan billdegnan at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 18:50:58 EDT 2016

The Letterwriter 100 is for the Rainbow class machine.  It's in the orig
box, with manuals. I did not check it out.  Comes with a few font carts.
Seems complete.

The HP Laserjet 4Pm (for Macintosh) - This came with a Mac SE30 that works,
the printer looks like it might work.  I don't really need this.

Both are in the shed, no room in the basement.

If the museum wants either, they're all yours. I can deliver next time I
come up.  I will hold onto these no rush.

First come first to get.  Landenberg, PA.

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