[vcf-midatlantic] vcf-midatlantic Digest, Vol 8, Issue 28

mark at markesystems.com mark at markesystems.com
Wed Jun 29 09:56:13 EDT 2016

>>I am in the SF Bay Area, until Thursday, for a conference, so I figured 
>>that I should check out the Computer History Museum, which I have never 
>>to my shame.  But then I found out that it is closed on Mondays and 
>>Tuesdays, which pretty much makes it impossible for me, as I have customer
>>meetings all day Wednesday and Thursday.
>>Does anyone else have suggestions of things worth doing, other than the 
>>standard Weird Stuff/Halted visits?

Sorry I didn't see this earlier - hopefully you still have time for a couple 
more stops, both in Sunnyvale:

First is Weird Stuff Warehouse - sort of a last stop before recycling for 
corporate cast-offs.  You never know what you'll find there, and a lot of it 
is stuff at the bottom of the market (48-port managed Ethernet switches, 
etc.), but I saw an HP-2000 Access system go through there a few years ago, 
and there's frequently a least some bits and pieces from that era.

Another fun place is Halted Specialties.  Vintage test equipment, odd 
laboratory equipment, tons of components (new, surplus, and reclaimed) - and 
again, you'll never know what you'll find.  I'm a lucky man in that my wife 
likes this place almost as much as I, so we've spent a lot of hours (and a 
bit of money, too) there over the years.  They moved recently, after a 
gazillion years in the same location, and I'm not sure the new location has 
quite the _cachet_ of the old, but still a fun place.

> FYI - My old band is playing at Slim's in San Fran the Thurs night before
> VCF West, I will be there, but I have not played with the band in many
> years, I will not know any of their songs to sit in unless they do some of
> the oldies from my days with the band.  It will be fun to pop in though, a
> surprise.
> http://spindriftwest.com/wp/shows/

I'll definitely make a plan to see them - and you, if our paths cross.  It 
would be great to meet you in person.
Mark Moulding

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