[vcf-midatlantic] Need a couple AUI cables - building 10base-5 LAN

Jim Scheef jscheef at outlook.com
Thu Jun 30 14:20:01 EDT 2016

As I'm sure you are aware, brand new Belden 9880 (genuine etherhose) is available if
not exactly cheap. Nevertheless, I'm willing to donate 100 feet of the stuff to make
the museum project work whenever that might be. 

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>Hello all, Please forgive my infrequent lurking. For those who do not 
>know me (most = of you) I'm the guy who helps Kelly in the consignment 
>room at VCF-E = each year.=20 I've decided to build a 10base-5 LAN 
>segment in my basement. Right now = I'm in the collecting the parts 
>stage and need 2 or 3 AUI cables no more = than 2 meters long. They 
>must have that arcane DB-15 connector with the = sliding clip.=20 I 
>also need two N-connector terminators (50 ohm, of course). So far I 
>have a three short lengths of real ether hose with N-connectors = and 
>three Cabletron
>ST-500 transceivers (2 more would be nice). = Unfortunately these have 
>a BNC connector where the vampire tap should = be, so I'm working on
>that.=20 In the meantime, some short, good AUI cables would be a big 
>boost. I = will be happy to pay reasonable price plus shipping. Anyone?
>Longer term, would it not be cool if our museum had a working 10base-5 
>= LAN hanging from the rafters providing connectivity between the 
>Vaxen, = PDPs and other period machines? Maybe even to the inter-tubes!

And a large etherhose!

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