[vcf-midatlantic] Unknown Sperry Univac Display Boards

Duane DBC1964 at cox.net
Thu Jun 30 15:11:04 EDT 2016

The displays look like those on the AN/UYK-44

Never had to go into that area.


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I picked up three Sperry Univac boards in a lot of scrap the other day:


The first image is representative of two of the boards. They are heavily 
built, conformally coated, and the one in the second picture has an 
aerospace type connector in one place. The displays are HP LED hex displays 
(or a second source). The aluminum frame around the board appears to be a 
heatsink for the displays and a few of the ICs.

Does anyone know what these are? I was going to remove the displays from the 
boards for use in other projects, but I don't want to destroy them if 
they're useful to someone else.


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