[vcf-midatlantic] Our new museum neighbors

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Thu Mar 3 00:16:50 EST 2016

Our main neighbors in the new museum will be the Garden State Central 
Model Railroad Club.

They are posting a build diary of their layout at 

They're very friendly people and they understand what VCF is all about. 
They personally did a large amount of work on the space we're occupying 
along with the classroom area down the hall. (They have permission from 
InfoAge to put mobile exhibits in that room, and they'll move the 
exhibits out when we or any other group needs the room for events.)

There are two other organizations in the building. NJARC has a storage 
room there (I've never seen inside, so I don't know how big/small it 
is), and (it appears) there is some kind of surfing exhibit being built. 
I don't personally know what surfing has to do with historic electronic 
technology, nor do I know the status of that group's exhibit -- they 
moved some things into their room a few years ago and it seems unchanged 
since then. Anyway, InfoAge has them as a member organization, so we 
wish them well.

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