[vcf-midatlantic] Should the new museum have a name?

Corey Little curator at cpmuseum.com
Thu Mar 3 01:44:42 EST 2016

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>>It's also been suggested (I forget by whom) that we are already pushing
>>the limits of credibility, at least in the eyes of prospective
>>grant-making organizations, by having the Trekkie joke in our name/logo
>>at all. 

Understood.  I hadn't thought about it that way before now.  Thank you for
the clarification, I hope it is equally useful to everyone else mulling

>>I'm increasingly confident that we should just hang a big VCF logo as
>>our sign and leave it at that. InfoAge visitors may wonder: what is the
>>VCF space? Is it a museum, warehouse, office, workshop, event center, or
>>something else? 

Mystery Science VCF 3000.  MSVCF3K

The second part was facetious.  I apologize in advance as you requested no
more frivolous replies.

-Corey L.

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