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whitneys posted.....

> My two cents' worth. Flying Eagle cents, mind you.
> The History
> Micro-Computer Predecessors: The Terminal & The Calculator
> 	Datapoint 2200 aut al.	HP-85  eg.
> The Kit	Scelbi-8H	Mark-8
> The Altair/The S-100 aka Attack of the Clones	MITS Altair 8800
> 	IMSAI 8080

What I like about whitneys' list, is that it has themes, a process, and 
a progression; from which examples are suggested. It's a little 
whimsical, which is fine. There's too many movie references as 
suggested. And it allows for some alternative exhibits of computing such 
as non-USA computers. (I'm not saying other lists did not have these 

I don't agree with some of the history as presented, because to my 
60-year-old eye it focuses on post-1980 consumer personal computing and 
so judges prior history from that view. To me that's a common 21st 
century problem. For instance, the emphasis on brand dominance as 
winners (IBM, Apple, ohyeahCompaq). Treating all S-100 as "clones" and 
only covering the very oldest (MITS, IMSAI, SOL), ignores history. The 
idea that an Apple I (copy) represents single-board computers is absurd.

My point is not to argue; I said "to my old eye...". My point is that 
the list is coherent and themed, and I commend that. Any exhibit can be 
revised, other themes presented, on another day. There's no shortage of 
themes, trends, examples. In due course, each could get their turn.

Herb Johnson

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