[vcf-midatlantic] museum move report

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Sun Mar 6 23:02:25 EST 2016

Today I worked with Tony from about 10:45am to 3:30, and then with Steve 
A. from 4:00 to 8:30.

We three got a lot of difficult and satisfying work done:

- Moved four pallets of Univac gear into the museum (one CPU, one tape 
rack, one I/O console (paper tape + Model 25 TTY), and two peripheral 
racks. (Duane C. and Bill Drom. know the model numbers better than I 
do.) We put all this where it'll go long-term in the center aisle. Photo 
(with apologies for the strange camera angle: 
http://vcfed.org/evan/univac.jpg). We're going to cover the exposed 
parts of the pallets with black fabric.

- Moved the Cray YMP-EK and StorageTek 9710 tape library into the 
museum. We put them in the middle of the "history of the present" wall. 
(That's where we will show dozens of pictures of recently obsoleted 
household products, along with the Cray and the tape library, all under 
a big sign: "Everything on this wall now fits in your pocket." It is a 
bit of an exaggeration for the 9710. Says at 
that the library holds up to 1.4TB, and I don't know of any smartphone 
with such storage capacity. Anyway, nobody (LOL, other than us) will be 
looking up the library maximum theoretical specifications. It makes the 
point very nicely that 1990s supercomputing performance and storage 
capacity now are (more or less) in an iPhone. A nice touch: the library 
plugs into an ordinary 110V outlet and fires up just fine. I'm hoping we 
could run some demos and let people see the robot moving around. Photo: 
http://vcfed.org/evan/cray_storagetek.jpg. Special thanks to Dan Jacob's 
son DJ for helping move the Cray (turns out the best way is to remove 
the front cover and then you can slide a pallet jack under it.)

- We began putting microcomputers on shelving units. Got through about a 
quarter of them. Some of them didn't fit quite the way we hoped and so 
we had to make some tough decisions. For example, the Epson QX-10 isn't 
good atop the Lisa cart, because it's just a flat beige box and mostly 
disappears behind the upper slanted shelf's front lip. Another example 
is the TDL Xitan which did not fit where intended. Some of these systems 
will go into the Computer of the Month queue... there is no shortage! We 
also realized that even some videogame consoles can go in that queue, 
such as Intellivision and others which have computer-like aspects.

- We took in some donations. Don brought over some IBM gear including an 
AS/400 and a desk-side System/36. An outside person brought us a pair of 
Xerox 820s, a Cosmac, and a motherlode of Xerox 1800 gear. The 1800 is 
uber-rare -- it was an early laptop made by Sunrise Systems, canceled 
before it ever went on sale to the public, and (I think) the never-sold 
stock was acquired by some middle company. That company released some 
into the wild.

- Related news: More work has been done on the double door. All of the 
holes in the wall/ceiling, on the hallway side and inside the room, have 
been patched. The trim pieces were all re-installed.

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