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>Today I worked with Tony from about 10:45am to 3:30, and then with Steve A. 
>from 4:00 to 8:30.

>We three got a lot of difficult and satisfying work done:

>- Moved four pallets of Univac gear into the museum (one CPU, one tape 
>rack, one I/O console (paper tape + Model 25 TTY), and two peripheral 
>racks. (Duane C. and Bill Drom. know the model numbers better than I


Thanks for the update. Looks like things are coming together.

Left to Right they are:

1. UNIVAC 1219B Computer, aka Mk. 152 Digital Fire Control Computer, aka 
2. UNIVAC 1540 Mag Tape, aka Mk. 19 Digital Data Recorder, aka RD-294
3. Ocean Tech Mk.75 Signal Data Converter (A/D and D/A, synchro, scaled 
voltage, relay etc. )
4. Digital switching unit that Johns Hopkins made to switch I/O channels 
Most likely a one of a kind
5. UNIVAC 1532 I/O Console, aka MK 77 I/O console, aka OA-7984

I would have put the 1532 I/O to the left of the computer to keep all the 
UNIVAC equipment together.

The model 35 (not 25) TTY is part of the I/O console

The I/O console contains a model BRPE-11 Teletype punch and Digitronics 
2500 paper tape reader, manuals for both  are on Bitsavers.


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