[vcf-midatlantic] More about the STK library

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Mon Mar 7 15:21:12 EST 2016

>> Looks like we'll definitely have to reference cloud storage on the sign.
>> I am fine with that because the prevalence of LTE + WiFi make many TBs
>> of storage * essentially * local/personal to your phone.
>    That's many TBs of *someone else's* storage.  Despite corporations'
> heavy attempts to train the general uneducated public that there's no
> difference, you and I know that the distinction is critical.
>    One thing I had thought to do with that tape juke is to use a sheet
> metal nibbler to cut a "window" in the main door, put some lucite/plexi
> in there with a rubber surround to make it look good, then write some
> code to move the tape picker around inserting/rearranging tapes.

Right. That's why Steve A. and I were trying to open the door without 
having the key yesterday. :)  Wanted to figure out where the window 
should be.

This unit has the optional expansion door on the left side, so if the 
robot is * behind  * all those extra slots then a window may not make 
any difference.

> to  anyone but the most clueless PC person, and they're not terribly rare
> either.

Heh... I know you meant "they" being the libraries, because "not 
terribly rare" re: clueless PC persons is an understatement. :)

> But most people are never in an environment where such things are in
> use, so it'd be a new experience to see one batting its positioner around.


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