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VAXman at tmesis.org VAXman at tmesis.org
Wed Mar 9 08:35:43 EST 2016

Evan Koblentz via vcf-midatlantic writes: 

>>> Get more creative and paint copper circuit board traces too! 
>Already planning something like that. 
>I bought a roll of white duct tape. We could just put painters tape over
>= where the traces should be and then remove the tape to expose the
>white w= all underneath, but we don't yet know where the traces need to
>be... I'll=  see about figuring that our during the week. 
>Just like the terminal in our logo, the wall colors will be meant to *
>ev= oke * a PCB, not be an exact image of one. 

Figure out where the traces need to be, then spray a copper paint in on
the wall in the approximate location (no sense wasting paint... I would
suggest Krylon metallic copper) and then, using *good* painter tape --
3M Painter tape for delicate surfaces #2080 -- lay out traces over the
copper.  Press down well for good adhesion.  Paint over the tape with
the green paint.  Pull the tape BEFORE the green is completely dry to
avoid egde chipping.

#2080 is what I use on all of my rocket paint jobs.  It's never failed
me.  Do some test runs before you tackle the big job. ;)  Corner round
cutter and a hole punch can make nice and even solder pads too. ;)  The
3M tape comes in various widths too.

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