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Wed Mar 9 08:46:22 EST 2016

Brian Schenkenberger via vcf-midatlantic writes: 

>Evan Koblentz via vcf-midatlantic writes: 
>>>> Get more creative and paint copper circuit board traces too! >
>>Already planning something like that. > >I bought a roll of white duct
>tape. We could just put painters tape over >= where the traces should be
>and then remove the tape to expose the >white w= all underneath, but we
>don't yet know where the traces need to >be... I'll=  see about figuring
>that our during the week. > >Just like the terminal in our logo, the
>wall colors will be meant to * >ev= oke * a PCB, not be an exact image
>of one. 
>Figure out where the traces need to be, then spray a copper paint in on
>the wall in the approximate location (no sense wasting paint... I would
>suggest Krylon metallic copper) and then, using *good* painter tape --
>3M Painter tape for delicate surfaces #2080 -- lay out traces over the
>copper.  Press down well for good adhesion.  Paint over the tape with
>the green paint.  Pull the tape BEFORE the green is completely dry to
>avoid egde chipping. 
>#2080 is what I use on all of my rocket paint jobs.  It's never failed
>me.  Do some test runs before you tackle the big job. ;)  Corner round
>cutter and a hole punch can make nice and even solder pads too. ;)  The
>3M tape comes in various widths too. 

I forgot to mention/suggest that the Krylon metallic that's exposed be
lightly sanded to allow the green paint to better adhere.

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