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> http://www.ceilume.com/accessories/GridTape/Copper/
>> For the circuit traces
> Yeah but it's $46/roll. Too steep. Arts/crafts store has tape in all kinds
> of colors for $3.99/roll. We can find something close.
> Nobody's answered my question -- I don't have any PCBs handy, but looking
> at Google Image Search shows only lighter shades of green atop on the dark
> green backgrounds -- what am I missing?

Circuit boards can be single sided or double sided. Single sided have the
traces on the back (bottom) only. Double has traces on both. (There are
also multiple layers but they aren't visible so it is moot for this
conversation.) In either case, there is usually some type of solder mask on
the board, a coating that keep solder off the traces except where the
components need to be soldered. The mask can be many colors but is quite
often green. Bare copper isn't usually visible since it is either masked or

Is that what you are asking?

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