[vcf-midatlantic] OT: LED lights

VAXman at tmesis.org VAXman at tmesis.org
Thu Mar 10 10:57:17 EST 2016

Evan Koblentz via vcf-midatlantic writes: 

>>>>>> You want the ceiling lights to accentuate the features >>> >>>
>Speaking of which: InfoAge took the cheapest/fastest route to getting a
>>>> C= ertificate of Occupancy for the building, which meant ugly >>>
>fluorescent li= ghts on the ceiling. :(  Post-VCF season, when we >>>
>(hopefully) will have m= ore money and (definitely) will have time to
>>>> spend, we can look into prop= er lighting. >> >> I recently replaced
>my garage/workshop fluorescent lights with LED lighting. >> They have a
>similar form -- long tubes -- but they give off a much brighter >> and
>whiter light.  Food for thought. > > I replaced my workshop lights this
>past weekend with the LED bulbs also.  They weren't cheap and for the
>price I don't think it was worth it.  They weren't that much brighter or
>whiter compared to a good bulb after a few minutes of warmup.  They were
>In stant on though. > > Which brand lights did you use?   I know you get
>what you pay for. > > I paid about $25 a bulb with tax at Home Depot. 
>So 50 bucks a fixture isn't cheap just for bulbs. > > Cheers, > Corey 

Are you guys living on EBT?  $50 isn't bad and they'll last longer than the
fluorescents they replace.  Besides, if this is for VCFed, wouldn't they be
tax deductions for operating expenses?

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