[vcf-midatlantic] what no minis this year?

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> Noticed there were no mini computers listed in the vcf Exhibits this year?
> Last year there were many minicomputers, mostly DEC; previous years had
> various brands of minis. It would be disappointing to me if no working
> minicomputers were represented this April. If their owners expected other
> owners to step up, it apparently hasn't happened yet.
> <snip>
....And none a VCF South East either.

I may just change my exhibit to bring my personal favorite VAX 4000-200, or
find a way to incorporate it into my exhibit somehow.  I wassort of kind of
planning on connecting to my  4000-200 remotely from the exhibit hall with
one of the machines I bring.  I could I suppose change my whole exhibit and
take my 11/40 but I was not planning on it and it's not easy to move.

We have not actually heard from a few people who could bring minis, so I
guess we'll see.

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