[vcf-midatlantic] ISA Sound Card is going for $1500

Ethan telmnstr at 757.org
Fri Mar 11 10:15:49 EST 2016

> So we talked about how when all the younger PC guys were going to get
> older and get into the hobby.
> They're here. I just saw this and was interested in what you all thought.
> http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ad-Lib-Gold-1000-ISA-Sound-Card-/272163544820?

I... don't get it. I remember the AdLib well, playing ROL files all night 
and the jukebox an virtual composer apps. But I don't know why the Adlib 
Gold would stand out. I don't know what it's mark is in history?

Adlib came out, ISA card Yamaha Synth chip. This kind of started it all on 
the PC, and is significant.

Creative Labs built the Game Blaster, this 2 x 6 channel FM card wasn't as 
good I don't think

Creative Labs then build Sound Blaster 1.0 which had the same FM chip as 
adlib, DIP sockets for the chips from the Game Blaster, and added a 13khz 
mono digital audio channel. Follow ups had more features. I think Sound 
Blaster 1.0 and Pro and some of those are significant to history.

Other competitors like Pro Audio Spectrum and all that were there, but 
compatibility was always questionable and really it comes down to software 
pushing the cards to their capabilities.

I don't get why this Adlib would be worth so much tho.

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