[vcf-midatlantic] ISA Sound Card is going for $1500

Ethan telmnstr at 757.org
Fri Mar 11 11:03:07 EST 2016

> There are people who will be nostalgic about their PCs.
> Those are the people who I think we should welcome.
> They are like us, but younger.
> Also lets be honest. There is PC history.

I have some friends joining me at VCF East this year and they're heavy on 
the PC collecting side. The one guy (who is younger than the systems I 
believe) has IBM 5150s with ESDI drives and all that, MFMs and RLLs. 
8088s, 286s, 386s, 486s, P1's. They all run, and they bring them out to a 
lot of events. I've given them systems like Tandy 1000RL (w/ Adlib!), 
Kaypro 4, etc.

They probably would be willing to bring stuff next event (let them feel it 
out this one then apply next.)

This is the room from MAGFest:

They literally ran out of space. They had my NeXT Slab, MEGA ST 2, 2 x 
IIGS and 2 x Apple IIs undeployed along with lots of other systems stacked 
in the corner.

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