[vcf-midatlantic] ISA Sound Card is going for $1500

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Fri Mar 11 12:32:42 EST 2016

*"They literally ran out of space. They had my NeXT Slab, MEGA ST 2, 2 x
IIGS and 2 x Apple IIs undeployed along with lots of other systems stacked
in the corner.​"*
Thus the dilemma: It's fine to be inclusive, but if there are limited
resources to showcase these systems, the true vintage machines should not
go by the wayside.

That being said, I agree with including early PC era machines, but only up
to the advent of PCI 1.0 (~1992), and even then, mainly to show the
evolution of the bus architecture.  After that, there is little point in
showcasing technology that is commodity and barely changed from
contemporary machines.

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> The ones who grew up on PCs and not Ataris, Commodores and Early Apples.
>> They are here now. They are going to want to be represented....
> For those who read-by-thread, I have comments in the thread
> "what no minis this year?" - Herb
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