[vcf-midatlantic] ISA Sound Card is going for $1500

Jeff jeffg at junknet.net
Fri Mar 11 12:44:07 EST 2016

When I first joined into the "MARCH" group...I brought up the topic of 
the "vintage" term being a moving target as you know...time marches on 
;-) A year or two ago when I brought it up it was not embraced well that 
beige boxen and 286s/386s would ever be considered "retro" to the group, 
but I'm part of that generation as many others my age are. Nostalgia for 
me is the little LED readout and the "Turbo" button on your beige box, 
or the demo scene that was carried forward from the Amiga days.

To be honest, that era is just as important to computing history as any 
other, since it was the decade where an amazing amount of technology got 
developed VERY quickly - things like computer graphics and audio (demo 
scene, Creative Labs), video games (Doom, Wolfenstein, Quake and many 
others), Virtual Reality, CDROMs, BBSes (died off), AOL, Prodigy, 
Compuserve, and lastly the Internet all either came and went or came and 

Using software like Trumpet Winsock to dial your Win 3.1/95 computer 
into the internet was a thing!

Trying to learn to network Doom ended up launching my IT career LOL.

I just hope this group does embrace and move forward with the times, 
because the demographic is there and suddenly realizing the 90s were 20 
years ago. I threw a lot of my crap away 10 years ago and kicking myself 

Jeff (aka Bags)

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