[vcf-midatlantic] museum setup report

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Sat Mar 12 21:38:54 EST 2016

Tony, his friend Ken, Steve A., and I all worked in the new museum today.

Tony and Ken painted the short wall "circuit board green" ... Home Depot 
says it's "sparkling emerald" or something like that, but I disagree. :)

Here's a picture: http://snarc.net/wall.jpg.

We removed and painted the outlet faceplates. They need another coat. 
We'll finish that part next time. On the way home I stopped at Home 
Depot again and bought black outlets to replace the beige ones. Black 
outlets will blend in, or least they'll look like something electrical 
is on the wall.

Steve and I spent most of our time setting up shelving and computers in 
the microcomputer exhibit. Definitely not finished it finally looks like 
an exhibit vs. being all over the place. Here are some pictures (same 
side of the aisle from each end):



Ken moved a set of blinds for us from one window to another, so now four 
of five windows behind the micro exhibit all match. We will see if 
InfoAge has any other blinds that also match so we can finish the job.

Here's a view from the end of the day, looking into the new double doors 
from the hallway. Still kind of messy inside, but it's much better than 
last week.

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