[vcf-midatlantic] (Delayed) pictures from yesterday

Tony Bogan thebogans at mac.com
Wed Mar 16 12:03:42 EDT 2016

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>>>> Looks difficult to have monitors up there.
>>> Angled shelves with a lip work well for this situation
>> That's why the only top systems with monitors are the ones with built-in
>> monitors (Heathkit H89) and the ones with stands held down by the computer
>> (PC Jr.) .... the '89 * looks * like it could fall forward, but it won't
>> because all the weight is down low. This also means we could put a
>> late-model Tandy atop some shelf if desired.
> Top systems have built in monitors?
> What about the TI99 , Apple III and the Sony CPM systems- just temporarily
> up top?

I took it as the only top systems that will have monitors are the ones that are built in, not "all top systems will have built in monitors."
With the space at our disposal and the working systems that are in good enough condition to display (and fit within the confines of the layout, its historical progression, etc not to mention the time we have to work with prior to VCF) every machine cannot be running. 
I see portions of the display (minus some big iron that may not realistically be running ever, or anytime in the near future)
As "in flux" over the coming months and year after VCF. I don't expect major changes (aside from the machine of the month which  will change monthly :-)
But I certainly think some systems will be swapped or moved at some point. As machines that we all want but might not be working are made to work, as better candidates come along (or are pulled out of storage or donated in working condition etc) I expect small changes here and there to occur.
I know from only my own perspective over the past 6 weekends working on the new space (and closing down the old one) I've not only learned about machines I was unfamiliar or only vaguely familiar with but also found myself wanting to see one thing or another while realizing some stuff just won't work at this time, within the time we have, or maybe not at all.
I don't envy Evan trying to organize everything while making the maximum number of us happy while balancing what we want vs what we have vs what we can actually do with the time, space, machines and help at his disposal!
Now if I could just get those two spots touched up where I got green paint on the white trim I'll be happy!!

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