[vcf-midatlantic] VCF East - two more Friday classes/teachers needed

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Fri Mar 18 02:14:16 EDT 2016

> These are the Friday classes so far:
> - Apple 1 replicas (Corey Cohen)
> - Advanced troubleshooting (Bil Herd)
> - Teletypes (Bill Degnan)
> - Paper tape (Corey Cohen)
> - PET (Rob Clarke)
> - Amiga (Anthony Becker)
> - "What's vintage" panel (yeah, we're going there!) - me & ...?
> - Future of the hobby (me)
> - ENIAC @ 70 (me, Brian Stuart)
> - VCF Shenanigans (me)
> We need two more (tech) classes + reliable volunteers to teach them.
> Classes are 60 minutes each.
> Looking for ideas that are compelling and/or haven't been done before.

Things changed right after I sent that message.

Bil Herd emailed to say he's got permission to screen the new 
documentary, "Growing the 8-bit generation," which is narrated by Bil 
Herd. :) It has interviews with Jack Tramiel, Woz, Peddle, Bushnell, 
Alcorn, John Roach, Dan Bricklin, Federico Faggin, Kottke, Veit, and 
many more. Nifty!! So that's on the schedule now, and we'll probably cut 
the what's vintage / future of collecting talks (maybe I will add some 
of that to my "VCF Shenanigans" subject, which is my direct rip-off from 
what Sellam used to do at VCF West.)

Oh and there are now THREE open class slots.

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