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> > On 3/22/2016 7:54 AM, Evan Koblentz via vcf-midatlantic wrote:
> >
> >> I think that's by design
> >>>>
> >>> No. There is an option you select during subscription to not see your
> >> own replies. However, Chris F. and Jeff B. do not have that flag set in
> >> their subscriptions, so I have no explanation for why they can't see
> their
> >> own posts.
> >>
> >> It is a Gmail thing; if it detects a mailing list post (i.e. a
> redirected
> > post from a list address which someone has just sent), it will delete
> it(?)
> > rather than sending it to your mailbox ever. Or so I think.
> ​oh yea, I've seen this many times on any mailing list, not just here.
> Gmail, I think others too these days, Thunderbird comes to mind, have a
> mechanism to avoid duplicate emails. So whenever you .send. a post to a
> mailing list, It can recognize the mailing list and prevent duplicate
> messages. The one you just posted, and the one that the mailing list
> broadcasts to everyone, including you.
> With older email clients, you would have your post in the sent box and then
> your inbox would have the email from the Mailing List with your message
> _again_. So, you wind up with duplicate messages, your mail client storage
> gets bloated, after a 1,000+ posts, it adds up.
> I just filter my posts and the Mailing List messages into the same group,
> so I see everything in one place.
> Dan

Like I said, it's by design.  If you want to see your emails then update
your gmail settings.  I recall seeing that setting someplace, but I have my
set to default.
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