[vcf-midatlantic] Best place to buy rack screws

Ethan telmnstr at 757.org
Wed Mar 23 11:43:47 EDT 2016

> I am looking for a good place to buy rack screws, I was hoping to find a
> place i can just stop in and pick up a pack of 100, tried Guitar Center and
> they told me they have to order them, unless i wanted some "specialty" ones
> they had in stock that where $9 for 10 screws, yeah I dont think so.
> I am reassembling an Ampex VR-1200 Quadruplex VTR and it has a lot of rack
> mount modules.

There are the relay rack pitched screws, and what I call the music rack 
pitched screws. Then all of the cage nut stuff.

Guitar Center USED to have the Raxxas 100 packs of the music rack screws, 
and I thought it was $20 or $25.

Grainger or something like it might be another option, it depends in your 
area what you have for telecom / datacom suppliers. In Norfolk VA there 
were a few stores that sold some electronic components then a lot of 
different wire, wall racks, and they would have rack screws due to the 
wall racks.

Here in Northern VA there are a few similar stores that do the whole 
CCTV/AV/electronics parts/cables that sell wall racks and relay racks. 
Wall racks would have screws similar to music racks sometimes, relay racks 
have larger threads.

Look up telecom and datacom cable people in your area, good leads there 

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