[vcf-midatlantic] How was TCF2016 besides the booth?

VAXman at tmesis.org VAXman at tmesis.org
Wed Mar 23 12:08:58 EDT 2016

Herb Johnson via vcf-midatlantic writes: 

>VAXman writes to my post: 
>> Herb Johnson via vcf-midatlantic writes: > >>I went to a number of
>talks; quality varied. Mostly speakers overran >>their hour, they outta
>work on their presentations. Talks varied from >>lock-picking to
>solar-panel technology. > > 'outta work'? 
>1) I write 400 words, you comment on the choice of one? 
>out=C2=B7ta =CB=88oud=C9=99 preposition preposition: outta; preposition:
>     an informal contraction of =E2=80=9Cout of,=E2=80=9D used in
>represe= nting=20 colloquial speech.      "we'd better get outta here" -
>courtesy of Google Translate 
>My error, my intention was a contraction of "ought to", as in
>"oughta".=20 It's a (regional) homophone. I ignored the spell-checker to
>be colloquial= . 

Ought or out -- that makes a big difference to understanding what you wrote.

>2) My post is time-stamped Mar 22 17:10 CET (I don't know why the
>list=20 chooses Central time and not Eastern time). Your reply after
>was=20 time-stamped Mar 22 16:15. Looks like someone's computer clock
>was not=20 set forward (not sure whose). 

Don't look at me, all of my clocks are correct.  It's currently about 15 mins
after noon here.  (EDT)

>5) (ignore, no response) 
>Readers: vote for your favorite response. VAXman: what fits your=20
>expected response? 


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