[vcf-midatlantic] How was TCF2016 ...

Jeffrey Jonas jeffrey.scott.jonas at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 17:30:46 EDT 2016

I had a fine time chatting with Galinat, Herb, Chris (dealer in front
with nixies) and other folks I meet only at the Trenton Computer Fest.
I always come home with great project ideas.

I attended only one talk about new IoT (Internet of things). There's a
$2 single chip solution with a 32 bit core (probably ARM), built in
radio, crypto acceleration and other goodies. Quite the enabling
technology to DO THINGS RIGHT *if properly implemented*. No Arduino
needed! It might be right up there with the FTDI USB-serial chip for
drop-in ease of use.

I'd say many of the talks were timely and useful,
with more scholarly topics and speakers with impressive bio/CV.

I lament the loss of the flea market. I remember when it was so huge
that 2 days was not enough to cover it all. Many regulars are gone,
like the vendor with the camper selling laser tubes with brick power
supply, solder spools and such.

Gurrr, I can't remember the dealer who I always counted on for
connectors and small parts. The only dealer who sold adapters like
machine cord to 2 plain outlets. Not there this year :-(

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