[vcf-midatlantic] Help needed: PS/2 or a clone

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Sun Mar 27 23:37:59 EDT 2016

Adam and I attempted to set up a computer for the Win 3.1 museum exhibit. It didn't go so well...

We tested a clone 386 (one that was in our warehouse expressly for this purpose) but its HDD was DOA.

Then we tested half a dozen variants of IBM PS/2. Only one of them had a working HDD, but it's an 8086 which is below the 3.1 minimum specifications. We could not put that drive into the clone 386 because the drive uses an ESDI connecter.

We probably have a suitable drive in the warehouse, but it was taking too much time -- we cant stop to restore a machine with the big show looming. There is no time between now and then (museum beta opening) for us to spend time gathering the right parts and all.

Can someone loan us a ready-to-go 286 or 386 with 3.1 already installed and tested? We'll put it in the museum for the show weekend and then we will determine a museum-owned solution later.

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