[vcf-midatlantic] train service to VCF-East

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Wed Mar 30 12:39:50 EDT 2016

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> A European colleague of mine, wants to attend VCF-East from New York City.
> Their obvious question is, "what trains do I catch?" as trains are normal
> means for European travel. Also, frankly, the cost of car rental and tolls
> makes train travel a better deal for travelers.
> I'm aware the nearest train station is several miles from InfoAge. I don't
> expect VCF to provide pickup/dropoff. But this is an old question and
> should have a stock answer now. Please describe the nearest train station
> to the event, and what likely trains from NYC (optional Phila) would be
> reasonable to take, and a Web link to schedules.
> Again, I assume this is old information and not that hard to verify; and
> would be useful to other VCF-East attendees. I don't use the trains, so I
> don't know.

That's the train I'm taking, but I arrive on Thurs and getting picked up.
The NJ Transit from NYC Penn Station to the Belmar station [closest to
InfoAge, 2miles]
They also have non-stop service during rush hour[am & pm] which makes it
Their train schedule shows the itinerary options when selecting the
departure time.
Some will have non-stop service and some don't, during rush hour.
I haven't seen a direct link to each Train on their schedule.
You'll have to enter the info directly on their website, From, To, Time,
Date, click on "Rail" button
I use, From = "Penn Station New York", To = "Belmar"


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