[vcf-midatlantic] LSSM outing

Douglas Crawford touchetek at gmail.com
Sun May 1 09:18:54 EDT 2016

On 5/1/2016 12:21 AM, Mike Loewen via vcf-midatlantic wrote:
>    I had a great time at Dave McGuire's Large Scale Systems Museum 
> (LSSM) on Saturday.  Lots of interested folks touring the museum. 
> Several Federation members in attendance, including (obviously) Dave 
> McGuire, Matt Patoray, Connor Krukosky, Sridhar Ayengar and wife 
> Roopa, Ian Primus, Jeff Jonas and Dan Roganti.  Corey Little was just 
> down the street with his pop-up CP/Museum.
>    We managed to sneak in a little work on one of Dave's newly 
> acquired systems, an HP 2117F mini.  The power supply checked out (and 
> no foam!), but entering a program from the front panel indicated some 
> sort of memory issues.  The system came with a 2102E High Speed memory 
> controller, four 64KW HS memory boards, M.E.M. board, Memory Protect 
> and D.C.P.C. board. The I/O cage had the Time Base Generator, Firmware 
> Expansion Module (FEM), BACI, Terminal interface and 13037C disc 
> controller interface.  All it needs is an HP-IB interface (12821) and 
> possibly some additional ROMs, and it can run RTE-6/VM.
> Mike Loewen                mloewen at cpumagic.scol.pa.us
> Old Technology                http://q7.neurotica.com/Oldtech/

Nice sorry I missed it AGAIN.

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