[vcf-midatlantic] VT320 CRT replacement?

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Mon May 2 17:11:27 EDT 2016

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>> Yes, all I meant to say is that to my understanding, it's similarly temporary, > and the effect of a rejuvenator on a CRT tends to revert similarly quickly.
> It can be, but, what it's really doing is burning off the outer
> coating of the cathode, and exposing more emissible material. This can
> be temporary, depending on tube construction, but it's been my
> experience that most mono tubes take to it very well and hold up
> nicely. Some tubes, notably Sony color tubes... don't rejuvinate. Not
> at all. And some, like 90's era Zenith tubes as used in some arcade
> monitors - will revert within a week of use. But I've got mono tubes
> I've zapped that are still fine, years later.

Hm, worth a shot, anyway.  I've always been puzzled about the reversion mechanism; it doesn't make a lot of sense from a chemical or physical standpoint unless the tube is a little gassed (in which case I'd expect other problems).

I don't know a thing about rejuvenators, but it seems like the B&K 440 is widely available for decent prices on eBay.  Would that be suitable for a mono tube?

- Dave

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