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> Herb Johnson wrote:
> > > [Cromemco Dazzler Dazzlemation...]
> > > .... Mr. Dompier hand wrote that program
> > > LITERALLY (hand, pencil, paper), no editor, no assembler.
> > > He then toggled it in (or maybe raw keyed it in with a
> > > primitive ROM monitor) and [used paper tape to save/restore it]
> >
> > I agree, it's informative to look at such code, to see methods of
> > coding. But that's normal activity, given the era.
> And I agree with you.  I did some myself.  I was trying to interest
> some of the people who might not be aware.  I've exhibited my IMSAIs
> and Altairs a number of times.  On numerous occasions, I've heard
> comments like "those front panels are pretty but you couldn't really
> do anything with them".  I'm pretty sure now that Mr. Dompier
> toggled Dazzlemation into the machine.  The recollection is that he
> didn't get a 4FDC until later, so he probably didn't have a monitor
> in ROM.
> Bill S.

​yes, I still kept most of my programming code and notes here in my Altair
and Imsai manuals using the obligatory yellow legal pads​ from the 70s. It
was not just common practice, but *required*

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