[vcf-midatlantic] books about robots

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Fri May 6 22:11:56 EDT 2016

Remember last week we discussed books about robots in the HOPE thread? 
Both books arrived today. One of them, "How to design & build your own 
custom robot" by David Heiserman, is very deep -- heavy reading. The 
other, "How to build a computer-controlled robot" by Tod Loofbourrow, 
contains a reasonable project that we as a group can build (but not in 
time for HOPE unless we really bust ass.)

In the preface of Loofbourrow's book, he wrote: "I want to thank the 
members of the Amateur Computer Group of New Jersey, whose suggestions 
have helped make Mike (that's what he calls the robot -EK) what he is 

Googled the author. He went on to a nice career in robotics. I sent him 
an intro tweet via our official VCFed account. Apparently he lives in 
the Boston area. Maybe we can get him down to the museum for a talk one day.

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