[vcf-midatlantic] (Semi-off topic) Looking for a place in NJ that does in-place expandable foam packing.

Herb Johnson hjohnson at retrotechnology.info
Sat May 7 16:52:54 EDT 2016

I've noticed that FedEx offers some fancier boxes that amount to more 
elaborate travel cabinets, with reinforced corners and edges, but are 
still made of cardboard. They call them "Kubox" and they aren't cheap 
(over $100) but they are light and sturdy. reduced weight may save 
shipping cost. FedEx Office of course, also does packing and offers a 
variety of boxes.

Let's not have a comparative discussion of shipping services, please. 
The question was on boxes and packing.

The alternative, for a one-off shipment, might be to visit some thrift 
stores and look at *luggage*. Some piece of luggage or cabinet or 
footlocker may fit the item. Military surplus stores, maybe there's 
cheap cabinetry at Ikeo, I dunno.

Also, I have some professional carrying cases which are intended for 
both shipping and for travel. Corey, contact me 1) if you have the time 
and this isn't ship-yesterday and 2) if you have some dimensions for the 
items in question, so I can determine fit for what I have around.

But what I generally do, is cut up styrofoam sheets to fit the space in 
my shipping box, fill the rest with soft stuff or styro peanuts; double 
boxing if necessary. YOu can get sheets from big-box hardware stores. 
The white stuff simply takes up air space, doesn't absorb impacts well. 
The pink stuff is pretty stiff and provides structure, you can build an 
"inner box" from it. You'll generate some styrofoam "sawdust".

The price of these sheets compares to buying the peanuts, which you 
should ONLY buy in as large a bag as possible. UPS-type shipping stores 
sell the big bags (10 cubic feet or more), but shop around for best 
price. Yes, Uline sells them too.

If someone asked *me* to use spray insulation inside a shipping box, I'd 
mock up the item, pack the mock-up with the spray, then cut out the 
mock-up and repack the actual item wrapped in styro sheet or bubble wrap 
to fill the void. I'd hate to risk ruining some valuable item with 
sticky foam or fumes from the spray, or from scratches while extracting 
it with a knife.

Herbert R. Johnson,  New Jersey USA
http://www.retrotechnology.com OR .net

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