[vcf-midatlantic] Calling for [Point 4] IRIS programmers

Microtech Dart microtechdart at gmail.com
Sun May 8 04:29:54 EDT 2016

Hi, all.  It's been a while since I've discussed anything here.  We've made
a lot of progress re-constructing a couple of Point 4 machines (as much as
one can without the actual hardware), yet still need some help from a few
knowledgeable folks in this 35+ year old OS.  It was built on the DG Nova
foundation, but made by Educational Data Systems, which became Point 4, for
their Point 4 machines.  So, it doesn't exactly "just run" on SimH Nova.

We've been in regular contact with Bruce Ray, who is a true expert in all
Data General and related systems. He has already helped us TREMENDOUSLY.

But other than Bruce Ray, are there any other folks here on this forum who
may have had any IRIS programming, either on the Point 4, or another system
of similarity in the late '70s to early '80s?

I've hunted down a handful of people so far on LinkedIn and scouring the
internet, and only a few of those have responded.  But I just thought I'd
make a shout out here. A small handful have kindly responded, with either
limited recollection or availability, or both.

In addition to Bruce, those who have contributed so far include David
Takle, and one of the original Point 4 IRIS designers, Dan Paymar.

We've added a LOT of new content and progress to our
restoration/re-creation of what is turning out to be TWO distinct Point 4
IRIS systems.

Stop by our site if you like, and especially review the directory page
"Understranding IRIS":


Does anyone here have anything to add, or IRIS/Point 4 documentation that
could be helpful here (other than what we have at
http://microtechm1.blogspot.com/p/manuals.html ).

Thanks all, I always appreciate the fantastic feedback here.


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