[vcf-midatlantic] MOnSter 6502 Project - Microprocessor in Discrete Components

Dave McGuire mcguire at neurotica.com
Mon May 16 13:40:03 EDT 2016

On 05/16/2016 01:38 PM, Ethan via vcf-midatlantic wrote:
>> Saw this on Reddit, completely amazed...
>> http://tubetime.us/?p=346
>> I am familiar with their 555 Timer IC project, and saw that they had a
>> follow up project with the 741.  Had no idea they'd take it this far.  :)
>> -Todd
> Friend just shot me it this morning, will cost above $1K :-/
> Still is awesome!

  I think >$1K is quite reasonable.  Over four thousand components, and
that's a very large four-layer PCB.  Just the PCB alone will be pricey.

  I hope he releases the Gerbers. B-)


Dave McGuire, AK4HZ
New Kensington, PA

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