[vcf-midatlantic] Roger Amidon, RIP....

Evan Koblentz evan at snarc.net
Tue May 17 13:37:21 EDT 2016

Very sad news to report. Our good friend Roger Amidon died a few days 
ago. I found out just now.


Roger was a founding member of ACGNJ, had the idea for the Trenton 
Computer Festival (implemented by Sol Libes and Al Katz), and founded 
Technical Design Labs which made the Xitan computer -- probably the 
first machine to put a Z-80 in an S-100 system. TDL spun out the 
people/company that turned in Epson USA. They designed Valdocs for the 
QX-10, etc. .... but more important than all of that is this: Roger was 
a great guy. I only knew him for 10 years, but he was always friendly 
and in a good mood. He cared a lot about groups like MARCH/VCF and 
always treated us very well.

Here's a video of a panel from VCF East 7.0 including Roger:

Herb knew Roger better and for a much longer time than I. I'm sure 
others here also knew him pretty well, especially the long-time Trenton 
veterans such as Jeff G. and Andy Meyer.

Further information is here:

I will go to his memorial service this Friday.

- Evan

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