[vcf-midatlantic] ADTPro help

Kelly Leavitt kelly at catcorner.org
Tue May 24 13:52:59 EDT 2016

> Yesterday I tried ADTPro again and got this error message:
> "There are no serial ports, or the serial library RXTX is not installed
> or visible."

I just purchased a IIc and was working with ADTPro over the weekend.

I was getting the same message. I just had to wait about 5 minutes after launching the program for RXTX to load. It wasn't loading right away. If I tried anything before 5 minutes I got that message. If I launched, then waited it worked like a champ.
I've transferred PACMAN and Ultima IV so far.

As an aside, what are the MUST haves for a IIc?


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