[vcf-midatlantic] Good source for eproms?

Ian Primus ian.primus.ccmp at gmail.com
Tue May 24 23:52:56 EDT 2016

Even if an EPROM has gotten corrupted, the chip itself should still be
fine. Just erase and reprogram. I've yet to have a problem with doing
this, it's quite rare to have a dead EPROM.

Almost every EPROM I have has been scavenged from some sort of junk
board or another. 2764's and 2732's are quite common, should not be
hard to find.


On Tue, May 24, 2016 at 11:22 PM, Jason Perkins via vcf-midatlantic
<vcf-midatlantic at lists.vintagecomputerfederation.org> wrote:
> I'm trying to get a Plus HardCard going again. Like many the ROM has
> forgotten some of its bits so I want to try installing a freshly
> flashed one.
> What's a good source for 7264s? Is it worth trying to get used ones on
> eBay? While I'm at it I'd like to track down a 2732 for an Apple
> ProFile formatting rom.
> Thanks,
> --
> Jason Perkins

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