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I really liked the Psion, still have one in the drawer. It might not have a graphic display but it would sync E-Mail and could work with Microsoft Office files. When I swapped from my Psion to a Compaq iPaq Pocket PC I was surprised about the way the functionality changed. It had to convert Word files to Pocket Word and in doing so it lost much of the info.

The Huskey was nice. When I worked at NERC we had a few. The only problems we had was the displays didn't work in Antarctica.....

Dave Wade

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> Forgot to mention this. Tomorrow I'll be part of a roundtable discussion at an
> NYC meeting of the International Federation of Information Processing's history
> .SIG. I have 15 minutes to talk about early British mobile computers. Going to
> focus on Husky (which should be famous but isn't) and Psion (which needn't be
> famous but is).

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