[vcf-midatlantic] Old Super computers ( Was Re: Apparently Authentic Apple 1 on eBay )

Derrik Walker v2.0 dwalker at doomd.net
Fri May 27 20:00:58 EDT 2016

On 05/27/2016 03:10 PM, Ethan via vcf-midatlantic wrote:
> I wish there were Cray collectors with that much enthusiasm and bankroll.
I've always wanted a YMP-EL ( Preferably a 94, but I suppose I'd take 
anyone I could get if I had the opportunity ).  But they are rather 
impossible to come by.

There are some J90's out there, but they are usually in price ranges 
that make them hard to justify, which is more than likely why they 
probably never seem to sell, at least on the collector market.

I suppose if you had a company that needed one for an important piece of 
software they had to run, you could probably get a good price for it.  I 
made a good deal on an 4D/80 I had like that once. Some company in 
Germany had code that was hand coded for the GTX GPU with a lots of 
R3000 assembly, it would not run on anything but a 80 or 70 with a GTX 
card set, and the work to move it was more expensive than keeping the 
older systems alive.  Might be different now.

-- Derrik

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