[vcf-midatlantic] Old Super computers ( Was Re: Apparently Authentic Apple 1 on eBay )

Ethan telmnstr at 757.org
Fri May 27 20:35:12 EDT 2016

> There are some J90's out there, but they are usually in price ranges that 
> make them hard to justify, which is more than likely why they probably never 
> seem to sell, at least on the collector market.

I assume at this point it's all museum stuff. Adlib gold card for $3200, 
Apple 1's in the stratosphere (Steve Jobs worship.) There isn't that much 
practical use for any of it outside of history. But scareness and 
specultive mania drives demand I suppose.

> I suppose if you had a company that needed one for an important piece of 
> software they had to run, you could probably get a good price for it.  I made 
> a good deal on an 4D/80 I had like that once. Some company in Germany had 
> code that was hand coded for the GTX GPU with a lots of R3000 assembly, it 
> would not run on anything but a 80 or 70 with a GTX card set, and the work to 
> move it was more expensive than keeping the older systems alive.  Might be 
> different now.

I would think any application with that much demand has been ported or 
re-written by now.

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