[vcf-midatlantic] June 11/12 Workshop - Who's Going? Whatcha working on?

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Fri May 27 23:25:45 EDT 2016

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01-Jeff Brace-Commodore 64 Robotics Kit for HOPE Exhibit 
02-Evan Koblentz-Lego LOGO robotics kit for HOPE exhibit (Apple II, IBM PC) 
03-Alex Jacocks-PS/2 model 70 and AT&T 6300 testing/repairs (Sunday) 
04-Dean Notarnicola - TRS-80 Model 4, Model 4D, Model I 
05-Todd George - Not entirely sure, but definitely will bring my AT&T 6300 as well!
06- Bill Dromgoole - Plan on working on Univac 1532 mods for 60 Hz operation.
                                 possibly also clean up the 400 Hz motor gererator set.
07-Steven Michelsen - need opinions on salvaging an Audio Visual Workshop (AVL) version of an Eagle computer.   I rescued it from the back of an AV staging co warehouse.  So far all it does it make smoke.  Amazingly, there was a spare motherboard packed in the road case...

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> (I think the highest number was 5... ???)
> I have an AT&T 6300 with monochrome and color monitors.  Monochrome 
> jobby works, color is broken.  I've already located and replaced a few 
> bad components, can't seem to get the CRT to come totally alive 
> though.  The
> 6300 works (or worked) when I tested it last.  I didn't think anyone 
> else would be bringing them but seeing as Alex is interested, I'll bring mine!!
> Olivetti/AT&T party!!! WOOT!!!
> Other than that, I'll probably bring whatever else I'm actively 
> working on by then.  As far as current projects, that's going to be a 
> Commodore SX-64, a TRS-80 Model 4P, or a Commodore VIC-20.  If I'm a 
> real glutton for punishment, I might bring my Macintosh Color Classic 
> that has had me stumped for months now.
> Additionally, I'll have my EEPROM burning machine w/some blanks, 
> various parts, and tools including a desoldering iron.  I'll also 
> bring a nice oscilloscope.
> Looking forward to it!
> -Todd

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